This is the Kanji section of my Japan diary site, where you can download my Kanji Screen Saver for Windows.
With the Kanji Screen Saver you can earn money while learning Japanese - simply install this on your PC at work and stare at the screen while pretending to think about a complicated work related problem.*

Thanks to Jim Breen - This software was originally based on Kanji info he compiled.

Update July 2011 - got a mail from Sam Mikes wondering if he could have the source code so he could port the screen saver to Windows 7. True to his word he got back to me within a few hours of receiving the source with a working Windows 7 version (also working just fine with XP - not tested on other versions of Windows yet). Thanks Sam!

Download The Kanji Screen Saver
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* Japan Diary does not condone wasting time at work - you could seriously damage your chances of getting a Christmas bonus and may even be fired. Rest assured we will not accept any liability if this happens. Disclaimer: This software is not intended for use in mission-critical systems such as the operation of nuclear facilities or life support machines.