Ken Videos 4

First hair cut Crawling to new toy Improved crawling technique
Crawling to the door Playing at the climbing frame Knocking down dad's tower
Smiling boy eating senbei Playing with the plastic bags What's this funny stuff that comes out of the taps?
Sharing a bite of mama's toast Eating senbei Hide and seek with mum
Driving Playing the piano Playing with mama's face
Chasing dachshund toy Playing with cousin Romy Using my toy as a hat
Easy peasy this card puzzle What's dad left on the floor? Checking out my new walking toy (1)
Checking out my new walking toy (2) Tugging on hanging toy First time walking solo!
More walking First time clapping! Chewing my book box (1)
Chewing my book box (2) Eating with some help from mama More walking and let's see what's in the cupboard
Smiling for mama Watching my new TV and eating the remote control Eating with dad
Playing with toy truck Playing the cymbals Clapping with the TV
Laughing at dad Eating with mama Getting cleaned up
Long distance walking (1) Long distance walking (2)