Ken Videos 5

Playing with cheese Having a snack playing with mum's ear-rings Feeding mum
Feeding mum Trying on my new sunhat Mum trying on my new sunhat
Crawling Long walk with mum in corridor Playing with mum's slipper socks
Walking with the renrakucho Throwing and catching with dad Throwing and catching with dad
Throwing and catching with dad Which hand is holding the cracker? Throwing and catching with mum
Boy with a hairdryer Carrying large box Walking toy dog
Playing with computer mouse Maka-paka dance Paddling in the sea at Shimoda
Giving dad a good slapping Playing with fan Playing with fan watching TV
Drinking from a straw Playing with bowl and spoon Playing with stacking toy
Using bowl as helmet Playing with shapes toy Carrying dad's briefcase
Trying to get frying pan, talking Showing off football skills Learning to eat yogurt
At the children's pool Climbing on the bed Climbing on the bed
Helping with the washing Eating breakfast with dad Anpanman dance