Ken Videos 7

Bouncing plates Toothbrushing Toothbrushing 2
Taking a swig of Mugi-cha Ray-bans Sitting up at the big table
Restless leg syndrome Revving up mechanical turtle Heavy lifting
Potty seat practice Stuffing building bricks down my top Rain gear
Watching the woodpecker scene from Inai-inai-baa At soccer At the tyre park
Finishing lunch Helping with the recycling Spoon control
The pinky-ponk gets stuck. (Interesting new vocabulary at 0:45s) Eating an ice lolly Ice lolly 2
Attempting to disassemble Anpanman toy Attempting to disassemble Anpanman toy 2 On the phone
New books Reading The hungry caterpillar Playing the guitar
Playing the guitar 2 Fork control Ken gets rugby (Ireland vs Australia WC game)
Ken gets rugby 2 At the zoo Anpanman ride - Ueno park
Thomas the Tank engine ride - Ueno park Power shovel ride - Ueno park Thomas the Tank engine ride 2 - Ueno park
Dolphin toy in Akatsuki-koen Slurping ramen Akatsuki-koen fountain
Akatsuki-koen fountain 2 Akatsuki-koen fountain 3 Dancing to Inu no o-mawari-san
Playing the wooden frog Describing the quantity of liquid in a container Standing up at the table
Dancing to Edie Brickell Dancing to Edie Brickell 2 Sports day
Sports day - opening ceremony Sports day - tanpopo-gumi Sports day - tanpopo-gumi 2
Sports day - tanpopo-gumi 3 Playing with friends at Akatsuki-koen On the swings Akatsui-koen
Akatsuki-koen fountain 4 How to cool your dinner (part 2) Dancing to O-saru no yubin (monkey post)