Keitai Videos
Welcome to the keitai video section of my Japan Diary. You will need Nancy Viewer to view these.
These video clips are taken with my mobile. Although the quality is quite poor, using a mobile instead of a camera its easier to blend in and get more natural shots (people tend to feel a bit intimidated when you're pointing a camera at them).

Name Description Stars Thumbnail 1 Thumbnail 2
Fishing Birds 1(323KB) These strange birds had found a pool of fish and were having a feast. **
Fishing Birds 2(392KB)
Dog in Trolley(501KB) Some more crazy Japanese VIP treatment for their canine friends. **
Fountain(760KB) Buddhas riding elephants? Whatever next. *
Saint Patricks Day 1(2,2MB) Lots of green, orange and white balloons, bagpipes and a gigantic pint of Guinness - the Irish and anything vaguely related to Ireland take over Tokyo for the day. ***
Saint Patricks Day 2(823KB)
Saint Patricks Day 3(697KB)
Road Works(563KB) A unique labour saving device or just another excuse for a huge neon display? **
Dog With Shoes(392KB) Only in Japan will you see a dog wearing shoes. ***
New Year(231KB) In Japan New Years is quite a sedate affair - involving a quick trip to your nearest temple and the ringing of the temple bell. ***
Bowling - Miss(346KB) Here we see Tomoka's sporting skills in action. ***
Bowling - Strike(226KB)

Keitai Videos 1

Keitai Videos 2