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Taxi Queue The Tokyo Metro like the London Underground shuts relatively early. These are just some of the people who've missed their last train. *
The Town Cryer This is one of several "English" pubs in Tokyo. English pubs are characterized by selling Bass, Boddingtons and Guinness - you can usually get some really greasy food as well. *
Mind the Doors 1 These don't need much explanation - even if you can't read the Japanese ***
Mind the Doors 2
Sweat Here we have a classic example of some typical Japanese English product naming. Anything is fine as long as it's English. Would you really want to be drinking sweat? Probably not but this bottled water is one of the most popular in Japan. *
Chopsticks I guess most restaurants will give you a knife and fork if you ask but so far I'm managing without *
Frog Bang in the middle of Tokyo in Hibiya Park we saw this frog just sitting around minding it own business **

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