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Fri 2-Sep-05
London Waterloo
Depart 19:13 (GMT+1)
2nd September
 to  Brussels Midi EST
Arrive 22:35 (GMT+2)
2nd September

Eurostar Distance: 340km Duration: 2h 22m

Brussels Midi EST  to  Brussels Midi

Transfer Distance: 1km Duration: 15m Connection Time: 50m

Brussels Midi
Depart 23:40 (GMT+2)
2nd September
 to  Berlin Ostbahnhof
Arrive 8:18 (GMT+2)
3rd September
Deutsche Bahn

DB Nachtzug Distance: 710km Duration: 8h 38m Connection Time: 4h 24m

Berlin Ostbahnhof
Depart 12:42 (GMT+2)
3rd September
 to  Warszawa Centralna
Arrive 18:30 (GMT+2)
3rd September
Deutsche Bahn Polskie Koleje Panstwowe

Eurocity Distance: 565km Duration: 5h 48m Connection Time: 42m

Warszawa Centralna
Depart 19:12 (GMT+2)
3rd September
 to  Minsk
Arrive 6:40 (GMT+3)
4th September
Polskie Koleje Panstwowe Belarus Railways

Express Distance: 520km Duration: 10h 28m Connection Time: 1h 40m

Depart 8:20 (GMT+3)
4th September
 to  Moscow Belorusskaya
Arrive 19:44 (GMT+4)
4th September
Belarus Railways JSC Russian Railways

Express Distance: 740km Duration: 10h 24m

Moscow Belorusskaya
 to  Moscow Komsomolskaya
Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro Circle Line Distance: 8km Duration: 20m Connection Time: 4h 31m

Moscow Yaroslavskaya
Depart 0:35 (GMT+4)
5th September
 to  Vladivostok
Arrive 8:09 (GMT+11)
12th September
JSC Russian Railways

Trans-Siberian Express Distance: 9288km Duration: 7d 0h 34m Connection Time: 9h 51m

Depart 18:00 (GMT+11)
12th September
 to  Fushiki Port
Arrive 9:00 (GMT+9)
14th September

RUS Passenger Ferry Distance: 830km Duration: 1d 17h 0m

Fushiki Port  to  Fushiki

Transfer Distance: 1km Duration: 15m Connection Time: 18m

Depart 9:33 (GMT+9)
14th September
 to  Takaoka
Arrive 9:45 (GMT+9)
14th September
Japan Rail

JR Himi Line Distance: 7km Duration: 12m Connection Time: 5m

Depart 9:50 (GMT+9)
14th September
 to  Echigo Yuzawa
Arrive 12:03 (GMT+9)
14th September
Japan Rail

Hakutaka 13 Distance: 220km Duration: 2h 13m Connection Time: 8m

Echigo Yuzawa
Depart 12:11 (GMT+9)
14th September
 to  Tokyo JR
Arrive 13:28 (GMT+9)
14th September
Japan Rail

Max Toki 326 Shinkansen Distance: 200km Duration: 1h 17m

Total distance: 13430km Total duration: 10days 11h 46m (11days 10h 15m with connections)
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