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Name Description Stars Thumbnail 1 Thumbnail 2
Water Festival 1 (4,59MB) The Tomioka Hachimangu festival may well be the biggest water fight on the planet. The main parade consists of 54 portable shrines and the route is several kilometers long. ***
Water Festival 2 (2,98MB)
Akkeshi (4,86MB) Wave breaking on the Pacific coast of Akkeshi *
Crane Observation Center (4,95MB) Cranes are one of Japan's national symbols, but they're difficult to track down - unless you have a piece of kit like this! *
Hokkaido Poppies (3,35MB) Poppies blowing in the wind. *
Kushiro Port Festival 1 (10,5MB) Kushiro is better known for its Ice festival in winter but their summer bash is quite a party aswell. ***
Kushiro Port Festival 2 (4,84MB)
Kushiro Port Festival 3 (3,90MB)
Kushiro Port Festival 4 (4,76MB)
Kushiro Port Festival 5 (3,67MB)

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